3,000 home community approved to be built on 450 acres in Spring Hill

Posted at 4:43 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 18:42:02-04

SPRING HILL, Fla. — The plan to build “Spring Center,” a community within Spring Hill holding up to 3,000 homes, a shopping area and even its own government building was approved by county commissioners on Tuesday. 

The area is a 450 acre plot covered by trees next to "Explorer K-8" off of Northcliff and Landover Blvd. 

"It’s essentially a small city in a residential area. It’s overwhelming," said 90-year-old Herb Agase.

Agase and his wife Carole bought their home because they wanted to live next to the wooded area behind them full of nature and wildlife, an area that could soon disappear.

"They’re going to have to remove countless into the many thousands of trees and vegetation," said Agase.

Agase says his biggest concerns are the amount of traffic 3,000 homes will bring and how it will effect the children next door at "Explorer K-8." 

"Construction noise and the vehicles and the activity will be distracting and when children are distracted they don’t learn." said Agase. 

Judy Graham’s backyard meets up to where the site is planned. 

"It isn’t our property and whoever bought it that’s their prerogative of what they want to do with it. As long as they do a nice job with it, then ok," said Graham.

The “Spring Center” community will be built in phases and is expected to take 20 years to finish. The approved plan has been sent to the state office for review.

"If they can complete this area and be done with it in a reasonable amount of time, we can live with it," said Graham.