While Mosaic is trying to plug that sinkhole, they're also stuffing campaign accounts

Which Politicians have the Most at Stake
Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 18:43:56-04

On it's website videos, Mosaic portrays itself as a phosphate business with an environmental heart of gold.

"Water is our blood," says one employee.

But now toxic water is bleeding into the Floridan Aquifer, after a storage pond collapse creating a sinkhole that penetrated the water supply.

ABC Action News has uncovered thousands of dollars worth of campaign contributions that Mosaic made to top politicians, dating back 10 years, everyone from governor Rick Scott to Hillary Clinton.

We pulled the campaign finance records and found mosaic gave nearly $150 thousand to the Florida Phosphate Pac, which then gave 1-point-1 million dollars to the Republican Party of Florida, which was the largest contributor to governor Rick Scott's re-election campaign.

We also looked up Governor Scott's personal stock portfolio and found he owns $14 thousand worth of Mosaic stock.

Going back to 2006, we found Mosaic has contributed $109 thousand to Republicans and $61 thousand to Democrats.

And since Mosaic settled a $2 billion federal lawsuit last year, the phosphate company has pumped 55-thousand dollars into the Florida Phosphate PAC.

Mosaic's largest individual contribution this year...$5,600 to Hillary Clinton.

And mosaic also gave to two of the richest and most influential members of congress.

Vernon Buchanan and Tom Rooney.

Which industry is on their top donor list for 20-16?

You guessed it....Agribusiness.