Some companies are paying their employees to take a vacation each year

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Posted at 11:17 AM, Mar 12, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — Many Americans end each year without taking all of their vacation time. In fact, one in eight use up only a quarter of their personal time off, according to

There are many reasons why workers do not take a vacation. A big one is affordability. But some companies are trying to help out by paying their workers to go on a trip.

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Software company Basecamp offers employees who have been with the company for a year the opportunity to choose from one of 16 different paid vacation packages each year. Each is valued between 4 and 5 thousand dollar a piece.

AFAR Media, which offers travel guides and articles, gives full-time employees a $2,000 travel stipend and 30 days of vacation time so they can explore new places.

Online marketplace Bonanza physically moves its office during "Freedom February" to a location location for one month. It gives employees five bonus days off to enjoy the vacation during the month.

Software company Moz offers workers 21 paid personal days off, ten paid holidays, seven days of sick leave and a $3,000 vacation reimbursement each year.

FullContact provides $7,500 each year to travel anywhere in the world. There is one catch. The technology firm requires its employees not to work while they are on vacation.

Other companies offering employees travel incentives include Airbnb, United Airlines, Expedia and TripAdvisor. For more on the benefits from those businesses, click here.