In final Florida push, Vice President Biden stumps for Hillary in Tampa

Biden holds rally at Museum of Science & Industry
Posted at 5:28 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 17:28:21-04
Hillary Clinton received a new wave of support in Florida from the White House's heavy hitters. 
President Obama will be in South Florida Thursday, while Vice President Joe Biden held a rally in Tampa Wednesday. 
Biden spoke to a relatively smaller crowd, only a couple hundred in attendance at the Museum of Science and Industry. 
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn introduced the Vice President, reiterating the area's importance in Tuesday's election. 
"The road to the White House runs through Tampa," said Mayor Buckhorn. 
And the Vice President agreed, greeting with crowd, "Florida, Florida, Florida," said Biden. "Not a joke, you all do your job and we get to go to bed early Tuesday night."
Biden wasted no time getting to some verbal jabs at the Republican candidate's expense, Donald Trump. 
"This guy doesn't deserve to be president," said Biden. "On his sixth bankruptcy he stiffed more workers than you can count and then on national television in a debate said 'maybe I didn't like the quality of the work.'  Well, Trump, maybe I don't like the quality of what you say."
Biden and other leaders who spoke at the rally stressed the importance of voting a straight democratic ticket.  They know a Clinton White House could be hampered by a Republican majority in Congress, as some are vowing to hit Clinton with more investigations into those controversial emails. 
"Annoying, I think the FBI handled the email thing irresponsibly," said Asa Waterstraut of Land O'Lakes. 
Some democrats at the rally told ABC Action News, they wish it was Biden who was at the top of the ticket.  But say they are relieved to hear that his name is being considered for a potential cabinet position if Clinton wins it all. 
"I think it would be great," said Heidi Sanchez, of Belleair Beach.  "But apparently Joe Biden isn't interested.  So we'll just have to wait and see."
Vice President also spoke to a crowd in West Palm Beach Wednesday. 
Hillary Clinton's campaign Web site does not list any more events in Florida through voting day on Tuesday.