High voter registration may unexpectedly impact election day turnout

Posted at 6:22 AM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 08:18:12-04

Ahead of Wednesday night's final presidential debate, Supervisor of Elections offices across the bay area are seeing more people register to vote and request mail-in ballots since the last election.

Do those increases favor Trump or Clinton in the state of Florida?

In past elections more mail-in ballots tended to favor the republican candidate, according to USF political science professor Dr. Susan MacManus.

However, in this election that may not be the case.

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"Of course both parties are trying to take advantage of votes by mail have been returned by people of their party and they are assuming that will vote for the parties candidate but you can’t assume that necessarily,” MacManus said. 

She adds that in this cycle it's possible that a significant number of republicans and democrats may not be voting for their candidate.

Although it's easy to assume that more registered voters would help voter turnout overall, the negativity surrounding both campaigns could be pushing other voters away.

"The over saturation of negativity and the high figures of dislike and distrust of both major candidates might make some people say towards the end it’s just not worth it to vote and that would be the absolute worst thing that candidates, parties or election supervisors want," MacManus said.