Ashley Moody, Sean Shaw pull away with nominations for Florida Attorney General

Posted at 10:59 PM, Aug 28, 2018

TAMPA, Fla. — Voters in Florida Tuesday decided on Ashley Moody as the Republican nominee and Sean Shaw for the Democratic nominee for the Florida Attorney General. 

Moody won by 57% compared to her opponent Frank White at 43%. Sean Shaw got 74% of the vote compared to his opponent who got 26% of the vote.

All four candidates went into the night confident they’d pull away with the nomination. 

Both Shaw and Torrens stressed the importance of getting rid of Florida’s 'stand your ground' law. Torrens was also big on protecting consumers from scams and fraud. Shaw says hopes to figure out why there are so many guns on the streets of Florida and why they are so easy to get.

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"We have to have a holistic conversation about this, we cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that these things don’t happen, they will continue to happen until we have the courage to address them,” said Shaw.

Moody’s supporters were ecstatic over her win. They snapped selfies with the Republican nominee and in a surprise moment, the current Attorney General Pam Bondi showed up to show her support.

“With blindness and fairness, unbiased prosecution of our laws, at the attorney general, I will always remember our country was built on ensuring justice. And I will faithfully defend that principle guarantees in our constitution,” said Moody. 

She says her opponent, Frank White, called to offer his support as she moves forward in the election process.

“I will live up to you expectations. I will make progress on the tough issues we face in Florida. Because that is what I know, I am a prosecutor and I remain the only candidate running to be Florida’s top prosecutor that has prosecuted a case,” said Moody.

Shaw also says he plans on holding legislators accountable.

"My first actions when I get elected will be going after the Florida legislature with regard to public education, the environment, medicinal cannabis, these things the people have told us by way of constitutional amendment that they wanted to do something and we don’t do it,” he said.

The General election is in November, and both candidates are ready to start the second half of their campaigns.