Pasco ordinance proposed to address blight

Posted at 11:01 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 11:01:29-04

The Pasco County Commissioners are inviting the public to a meeting to talk about something they think is hindering economic growth.

County Commissioner Mike Moore is leading the charge to address run down, abandoned commercial properties.

The concern: there are a lot of blighted properties located on highly traveled routes like State Roads 19 & 41.

It puts a black eye on communities trying to keep pace with rapid growth in the region, says Moore. That's why Moore is proposing a new ordinance to deal with blighted properties.

“It was done in Hillsborough quite some time ago and I think you can see a difference. Especially for the people who live on Hillsborough County or drive through there," said Moore. "At one time, you saw more dilapidated buildings on major corridors. You just don't see them anymore. If we want to be competitive here in Pasco, we need to do the same thing."

Read the Hillsborough County Ordinance at

The ordinance he's proposing for Pasco County would give property owners a citation after 30 days and force them to clean up.

If they don't, at 61 days, They'll start facing fines or potential tear-down.