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What happens to John McCain's Senate seat?

What happens to John McCain's Senate seat?
Posted at 8:17 PM, Aug 25, 2018

The news of Sen. John McCain's passing has led to many questions over what happens to the lawmaker's Senate seat.

The Seventeenth Amendment, which established the direct election of senators, also clarifies rules of filling seats left vacant due to a senator's death, resignation, or expulsion.

The amendment allows state legislatures to empower the governor to appoint a replacement to fulfill the term, which means Gov. Doug Ducey's selection will serve until our next general election in November 2020.

In Arizona's case, as with a handful of other states, the governor's appointee must be of the same political party as that of the vacating senator, meaning Ducey will fill the spot with a fellow Republican.

A Friday report from the New York Times said Rep. Martha McSally and McCain's wife, Cindy, could be potential picks for Ducey to fill the open seat.