Walmart adding 'army of holiday helpers' to fight long lines ahead of Christmas

Santa will make 23,000 appearances at stores
Posted at 1:06 AM, Oct 27, 2016

Walmart is adding "an army of Holiday Helpers" to its roster of 2.3 million employees for the hectic holiday-shopping season.

The company announced the new positions — filled by existing Walmart employees — would be dedicated to helping customers find the shortest line, open registers when needed and grab items that shoppers forgot to pick up. The retail giant also said its Holiday Helpers will hand out candy canes as part of Walmart's plan to turn its stores into "winter wonderlands" this year.

Walmart officials promised Santa would make 23,000 appearances at its stores during the holiday season.

The company said it is expanding its pickup service as well, adding more items available for pickup orders and assigning more staff dedicated to filling them.

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