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Virginia teachers accused of using marijuana in elementary school

Virginia teachers accused of using marijuana in elementary school
Posted at 7:34 PM, Dec 05, 2017

An anonymous tip led to a pair of Virginia elementary school teachers, who are accused of using marijuana inside a public school, Arlington, Virginia police told NBC Washington

According to NBC Washington's report, physical education teachers Luke Lloyd, 25, and Michael Diaddigo, 28, are facing possession of marijuana charges. The two teachers are also suspended from their job at Taylor Elementary School. 

Lloyd and Diaddigo were accused of smoking marijuana before school started, and used air fresheners to mask the scent. Police also performed a search warrant in the school on Friday. 

Diaddigo is also being accused of distributing marijuana to other teachers at the school. 

“As educators, we are obviously shocked and dismayed by this news, and our first concern has been for our students,” a letter from the principal to parents said, according to NBC Washington. “We believe the investigation is only focused on the adults and does not involve any of their interactions with our children.”

The Washington Post reported that both teachers will face an arraignment hearing on Wednesday.