VIDEO: Sheriff's Office cruiser rolls away from Ohio traffic stop

Posted at 10:10 AM, Jun 27, 2017

A Miami County deputy found himself in a hot pursuit following a traffic stop on Saturday morning. But he wasn't chasing a suspect; he was running after his own car.

It started when a Miami County Sheriff's deputy pulls a man over at an intersection.

At that point it's a normal traffic stop as you can see on dash cam video. But as the deputy talks to the man he pulled over, the car starts slowly rolling away.

You can see as the deputy runs after the SUV. The deputy tells the man, "hold on!"

The Sheriff says Dave Duchak says his deputy left the cruiser in gear.

That deputy catches up to the cruiser breathing a sigh of relief as he hops back in and keeps the vehicle from hitting anything.

The sheriff put out the following statement:

"Although, as a professional office we strive for precision in such matters, I also recognize that human error may occur."

There is no word on the deputy's name or whether there will be any disciplinary action.

The sheriff says it'll be handled internally.

The statement from the sheriff's department said citizens continue to support the deputy. Luckily all people and property escaped injury-free.