UBER adding surcharge on rides to counter gas prices

Posted at 6:32 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 18:33:10-05

FLORIDA — The price of every UBER ride in Florida will be going up come March 16.

The rideshare company stated in a release that a new "temporary" surcharge on Uber trips and Uber Eats orders will help drivers and couriers offset the cost of record-high gas prices.

The surcharge is set to be $0.55 per ride and $0.45 per Uber Eats order in all Florida markets. The fees are based on the average trip distance as well as the increase in state gas prices compared to historic averages.

Uber plans to continue to monitor gas prices over the next 60 days and reevaluated them. The temporary surcharge will start on March 16.

“We know drivers and couriers are feeling the sting of record-high prices at the pump, so we’re rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help. This consumer surcharge will apply to each ride or delivery and will vary by location, with 100% going directly to drivers and couriers. Our hope is that this temporary measure will help ease the burden, but we’ll continue to listen to feedback and may make changes in the future. Importantly, we’re also seizing this moment to bolster our efforts to help drivers make the switch to electric vehicles,” said Liza Winship, Head of Driver Operations for U.S. and Canada.

The temporary fee is designed to reduce the burden of high gas prices, not to cover the full cost of a tank.