This song is guaranteed to make your baby happy

This song is guaranteed to make your baby happy
Posted at 8:00 PM, Oct 20, 2016

British researchers have discovered the perfect song to make babies happy. Researchers claim in a study released earlier this week by Goldsmiths University that a song that contains sneezes, animal sounds and baby laughter is the first scientifically proven song to make babies happy.

The researchers employed a former Grammy Award winning artist to help create the song designed to make infants 6 to 24 months happy.

The group tested the song on 56 infants, and judged the results based on the baby’s movements, facial expressions, heart rate and vocalizations.

Imogen Heap, an English artist who won a Grammy for her own work in 2010 and helped produce Taylor Swift’s Grammy Award-winning “1989” album, tested a variety of sounds to babies.

Heap experimented with various pitches, tempos and chords when developing the “Happy Song.”

“In the past, researchers have looked at how noises and music might sooth or distress babies. Rarely has anyone focused on what sounds make babies happy,” Goldsmiths Professor of Psychology Caspar Addyman said. “Our unusual team of parents, babies, scientists and the talented Imogen Heap each brought unique elements to the project, resulting in this fun, uplifting track that makes babies smile.”