This house wins the internet with epic 'Dirty Dancing'-themed Halloween decorations

Posted at 2:50 PM, Oct 26, 2019

We're having the time of our lives looking at these "Dirty Dancing"-inspired Halloween decorations… even if the skeletons reenacting the movie's classic lift scene might not be.

And we owe it all to Joseph Lee from Park Ridge, Illinois.

"I'm an '80s kid… so I was like, 'What are some of the ['80s movies] that everybody's seen?'" Lee told "Good Morning America."

Last week, Lee posted a photo of his Halloween creation to Twitter. The image shows two skeletons garbed in outfits replicating Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze's characters and recreating the film's most memorable dance moment.

Behind them on his porch, Lee created a scene reminiscent of the Kellerman resort's end-of-summer talent show complete with curtains, string lights and a disco ball.

"I love creating something that I've never seen before," Lee said.

Not to be forgotten, two gravestones jut out from behind the ghoulish couple, sporting epitaphs that read "Had the time of my life" and "Nobody puts baby in the ground."

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Lee said he came up with the idea in August and took three days off in September to set up the scene.

Decorating his yard with shockingly athletic skeletons has become a tradition for Lee and his wife. Last year, his lawn hosted a skeleton yoga session complete with a skeleton emerging from the ground because it was running a little too late for class.


The year before, he covered his lawn with breakdancing, beatboxing skeletons.


However, he offers advice to the brave souls who might want to try their hand at posing skeletons in their yards for Halloween.

"[The skeletons] do not move the way you want them to move," Lee joked.

Although his current plans for next year's Halloween skeleton set-up are a secret, he is already thinking big to top this year's design.