Texas deputies, flight attendant save woman's life

Posted at 1:50 AM, Sep 29, 2016

Dashboard camera video captured deputies and a flight attendant saving a woman after a crash in Texas.

A sheriff's deputy was flagged down for what appeared to be a minor crash in Houston. 27-year-old Ebony Ivory was inside but the doors were locked and she wasn't responding.

"She was cold and blue in the face," Deputy Eric Guerrero told ABC 13 in Houston.

Within seconds, a half dozen deputies were on scene along with a flight attendant who was passing by. They broke her window, dragged her out and started giving her CPR.

They continued CPR for five minutes until the woman started breathing again. Ivory was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Her sister told ABC 13 that Ivory had suffered cardiac arrest and remains hospitalized. The family is grateful to the deputies for their quick response.