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Student helps favorite teacher win a new car

Student helps favorite teacher win a new car
Posted at 9:42 PM, May 24, 2018

As the school year comes to a close, students will find many ways to thank their teachers.

One student in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania may have found the best way, by helping his teacher win a new car.

Students at the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County were more than happy to head outside to the parking lot on a beautiful day. The short field trip was about to become a lot sweeter for one of the CTC's teachers, who was awarded the title of Burne Honda's Teacher of the Year.

Kyle Linko, a welding technology teacher at the school in Scranton, took the title and the grand prize: a brand new Honda Civic.


Linko was picked from more than 100 applications written by students. In Linko's case, it was a student , Kyle Bonhem of Forest City, Pennsylvania, who nominaed Linko.

"He works hard every day, his book work is great, his attendance is phenomenal, he`s a really good kid, and I always joke with him, 'your first name is Kyle, you're destined for greatness,'" Linko said of Bonhem.

"He's just a great teacher, he doesn't let anyone fail, he just helps whoever needs help. He won`t let you fail unless you don't put in the effort. If you really try, he will make sure your grades show that," Bonhem said of Linko.

For writing the winning application, Bonhem won a $2,500 scholarship.

"They're a reflection of me, and I'm glad that he did that, I'm more happy that he won the money. He's going to need it if he goes on to higher education from here," Linko added.

And for a teacher always putting his students first, it's a well-deserved new set of wheels.

"I just want all the teachers to feel appreciated, especially in career and tech ed.," Linko said.

A new car just a small token compared to the many gifts teachers give their students.