Stay inside a 30-foot-tall beagle at unique hotel

Posted at 7:27 PM, Aug 01, 2017

If you find yourself driving north or south bound on Highway 95 in Idaho there is a must see roadside attraction. It’s called the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho. You can’t miss the 30-foot-tall dog structure facing the highway. The best part about the dog is that you are able to stay the night in it.

Frances Concklin and her husband Dennis Sullivan built the structure over 15 years ago as an extension of their already thriving dog carving business.

Over 25 years ago Dennis quit his day job to carve wooden dogs, hoping his new business would take off. A few years after quitting his job, Dennis met Frances. That’s when she decided to push him to go nationwide with his carvings. It wasn’t until his art was featured on the home shopping network QVC that his business became lucrative.

The money they earned from QVC went towards building the Dog Bark Park Inn. It took them 4 years to build it and get it just right. Dennis said he hoped just one person would stay, he never imagined it to be booked year round.

If you are wanting to spend a night in the dog, it will cost you $124.00 a night plus tax. But, Frances makes custom meals for her guests and even suggests travel routes that have the best views. The Dog Bark Park Inn is booked until January 2018. You can only make a reservation by calling. They don't do online bookings.