Southwest Airlines 72-hour sale offers round trips for under $100

Posted at 4:45 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 17:46:17-04

For three days, Southwest Airlines will be offering ticket deals from as low as $49 for a one-way flight.

Between Tuesday, June 5 and Thursday, June 7, flights will range from $49 each way to $129 each way. 

The deals are for specific dates and there are a handful of restrictions. For instance, flights on Fridays and Sundays are excluded. But depending on the day of the week and time you choose to travel, you can find yourself a pretty awesome deal! 

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Travel in the United States is valid from August 21 through December 12, 2018. 

Those traveling to or from San Juan, Puerto Rico are offered valid deals from September 5 through December 6, 2018. International travel is available at low fairs between August 21 through December 12, 2018.

For a full list of terms and conditions, or to purchase a flight click here