Family says video shows Florida deputy stealing meds from dead man's home

Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 24, 2017

A Palm Beach County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office deputy is on house arrest after investigators said he stole medication from a deceased man's home. 

The family of the deceased released a video Tuesday from inside the suburban Boynton Beach home. 

According to Deputy Jason Cooke's arrest report, the camera captured, who investigators say, is Cooke inside the home searching the kitchen of the 85-year-old man. 

The man had died after falling and hitting his head during a power outage after Hurricane Irma hit in September.

The victim's children said Cooke broke into the home after receiving the garage door entry code over his police radio and then stole money, jewelry and several prescription medications.

Investigators said Cooke admitted to taking several medications before leaving the home.