Shawn Johnson reveals pregnancy, miscarriage in emotional video

Gold medalist and husband shared their story
Shawn Johnson reveals pregnancy, miscarriage in emotional video
Posted at 4:18 PM, Oct 21, 2017

Shawn Johnson took to social media to share some heartbreaking news with the hope of making other women realize they aren't alone.

The 25-year-old former Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast announced in an emotional YouTube video on Saturday that she'd had a miscarriage. In the 20-minute video, which documents Johnson's journey from finding out she was pregnant to learning about the miscarriage, she and husband Andrew East talk about the experience.

"We feel like a lot of people go through this, so we wanted to share it," Johnson says in the opening moments of the clip, which had been viewed more than 90,000 times in just a manner of hours.

The video shows Johnson learning about her "surprise" pregnancy by taking two tests, before revealing the news to East in a sweet moment. But then, the former "Dancing with the Stars" winner says she "started having really bad stomach pains and a lot of bleeding."

"Shawn is very brave to share all this stuff," East says at one point in the video, as the couple drives to a checkup. "So let's respect that and give her props."

Cameras roll as Johnson's doctor tells her she had a miscarriage.

"Having a doctor confirm you miscarried doesn't feel good," Johnson says in the video as she fights back tears. "I've cried enough today."

"I'm optimistic," East says. "We didn't try for this one and it's crazy that this even happened."

"We'll start a family here soon," Johnson says.

East is a former NFL player. They have been married since April 2016.

The couple has a popular YouTube channel on which they share their lives with more than 367,000 subscribers.

Watch their video of the entire experience below.

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