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Scouts organizations react to Boy Scouts name change

Boy Scouts to become 'Scouts BSA'
Posted at 6:33 PM, May 02, 2018

The name change for Boy Scouts of America is creating a buzz online as people react the organization's recent move to become more inclusive.

They will begin calling the program for ages 11 to 17 "Scouts BSA."

It was a historic decision for Boy Scouts of America as they take the next step towards allowing females into all their programs with their focus on bringing families together in one spot. 

It's all a part of the new "Scout Me In" recruitment campaign, uniting girls and boys of the same family with one organization.

"Having Johnny in Scouts and Sally in soccer or some other activities — if they can go and do things together as a family unit, that's what families are looking for from the research we have," says Chris Mehaffey, scout executive and CEO of the Mid-America Council

And so the move was made today, switching the Boy Scouts program to Scouts BSA with the hopes that the new name will make girls feel comfortable joining the program geared towards 11-18 year olds.

Still Mehaffey believes the name switch won't make a huge difference in girls joining the scouts. 

"I think those that are interested in our program will come anyway, this just shows that we are being more inclusive to what demographics we'll be serving."

As for the Girl Scouts, they're remaining focused on creating programs for girls, and only girls. 

"So it's not changing the way we deliver our mission and programs. We're going to continue to do what girls asked us to do and provide for their changing needs," says Melissa Breazile, marketing director of Girl Scouts of Nebraska.

And if girls desire, Mehaffey says girls can choose to join both organizations. 

"You don't have to choose. Girl Scouts meet on different nights, Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA meet on different nights, if you're interested in both if parents will allow, do both."

Now this switch only affects the Boy Scout program. Ranks like Cub Scouts and Eagle Scouts, will keep their names.

While the Cub Scouts have already began to bring in girls, the organization plans to fully bring them in by February of 2019.