San Francisco couple gets ticket for leaving car parked after curb was repainted

The couple said the space was not a red zone when they parked there days before.
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Posted at 8:49 AM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 08:49:35-04

Another day, another San Francisco parking incident.

A couple received a ticket last week for parking in a red zone after the curb was repainted while their car was parked there, according to ABC San Francisco station KGO.

Jeff and Desiree Jolly have lived in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood for years, telling KGO that they've parked in the spot whenever it's available for 25 years.

The couple said they noticed a $180 parking ticket on the windshield of their Honda sedan for parking in a red zone about a week ago.

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The Jollys said the parking space was not a red zone when they had parked their vehicle days earlier, adding that the city missed a small patch when it avoided painting over their tire.

"If it was warranted, I don't have a problem with it, but this seems unfair to me," Desiree Jolly told KGO.

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency told KGO the ticket wasn't for the newly painted red zone, but rather, a faded one.

The decision on whether to enforce the ticket or dismiss it is now in the hands of the citation clerk, as the Jollys contested the ticket, the agency told KGO.

Earlier this month, a San Francisco couple was fined more than $1,500 for parking in their own driveway. The city eventually agreed to waive the fine and the threat of a $250-per-day fee if the couple could prove that the lot had historically been used for parking, or if they build a cover for the carpad or a garage.

As for Desiree and Jeff Jolly, they told KGO they plan to move out of the country to France in the future. "We do want to leave because of all of this stuff that goes on in the city," Jeff said.

"I'm going through chemotherapy right now, so it's like I'm worried about other things, and now I have to worry about this," Desiree Jolly told KGO.