Robbers apologize after would-be victim refuses to get out of car

Posted at 11:16 PM, Feb 23, 2017

A woman who was held at gunpoint is trying to make sense of the ordeal after two sympathetic men apologized and let her go unharmed.

"Who's going to believe that somebody puts a gun to your face and says 'God bless you' without blowing you away afterwards?" Kristy Welch said.

Kristy got home from her ceramics class on Milwaukee's south side after 11 p.m. CT Monday, and that's when she was blindsided.

"They wanted me to come out to the car, but I wasn't going. I'm not exactly light weight.  They're not going to pull me out," Kristy said.

Alfred hopes the video helps catch the culprits.

"I don't like to have these kinds of people walking the street.  I don't like to have her scared to death which she was," Alfred said.

It's been less than 48 hours since the two approached her, but Kristy said she's not scared anymore.  She's just confused by the whole thing.

"When I went to the police station I said they were nice young men and the cop said, he was so sweet, he said to me he said lady if somebody puts a gun in your face they're not nice."