Report claims CarMax is selling unsafe cars

What you should do before you buy a used car
Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 28, 2017

The nation’s largest retailer of cars is under fire today. A new report claims some CarMax dealerships are selling dangerous and defective used cars.

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle there are a few things you should research before signing on the dotted line.

The report done by consumer watchdog groups is based on recent surveys conducted on nearly 1,700 CarMax vehicles in California, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The report found one in four cars for sale on the surveyed lots have unrepaired safety recalls.

Brad Dean with The Import Mechanics says, “it’s possible for even the largest dealerships and the most reputable companies to miss something.”

That’s why it’s important to never just leave it up to the dealer to do all the background checks.

Dean says, “it’s always advisable to take a vehicle to a trusted mechanic and have a pre-purchased inspection performed before you actually purchase the vehicle.”

No matter what dealership you chose to shop at, Dean says recalls shouldn’t be the only thing to ask or research for ahead of buying a used car.

“If you have a model in mind you are looking at it’s a good idea to do a little online research first, because before you even get to the dealership a lot of times there are some major issues that cars have that are commonly documented that can be very expensive down the road.”

When it comes to recalls, the best and most trusted site to use Dean says is Carfax.

We reached out to CarMax for a response to the latest report.

"We are dedicated to making sure our customers know about open recalls prior to purchase,” said Cliff Wood, CarMax’s Chief Operating Officer. “Nothing is more important than being transparent and honest with our customers.” 

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