Puppy bound for Texas ends up in Los Angeles after airline mixup

Puppy bound for Texas ends up in Los Angeles after airline mixup
Posted at 11:31 AM, Apr 10, 2018

A woman in Texas says American Airlines shipped her new dog to the wrong city.

The puppy was supposed to arrive in Texas Monday, but she ended up in Los Angeles.

Carrie Lacarsse of Shavano Park went to pick up her new mini bernedoodle named Atlantic Ocean from the airport this morning.

A breeder in Kansas City shipped the dog on American Airlines.

"I am looking at the dog and I am realizing that this does not look like the dog in the picture," Lacarsse said.

It was the wrong dog. 

This one was destined for a family in Portland, Oregon. 

So where's Atlantic Ocean?

"You should know where the dog is! It's like a baby, it can't talk, you need to do extra stuff to make sure pets don't get lost," she said.

Atlantic Ocean has been on a journey as massive as her namesake, going from Kansas City, to Dallas, then to Portland. 

She's now in Los Angeles to stay overnight where she'll get water and food.

So what happened?

American Airlines told reporters they are still investigating the incident -- but they believe that they shipped the dogs as they got them -- and it could be a mix up from the breeder or whoever dropped off the dogs.

But that's not what Lacarsse says they told her.

"They did admit to making a mistake and the mistake is on their part," she says.

Atlantic Ocean is expected to arrive at the San Antonio airport Wednesday afternoon.

The airline says its employees will feed Atlantic Ocean and even bathe her if necessary during her overnight stay.