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Police in Texas warn parents after finding candy-like ecstasy pills ahead of Halloween

Posted at 11:13 AM, Oct 31, 2019

BEEVILLE, Texas — A drug bust in Texas has police concerned after finding pills that look just like candy.

With Halloween happening today, police are especially concerned after they found ecstasy pills that may be circulating in Beeville, Texas, area.

"I want to make sure that parents are aware of the potential that their children might be given this intentionally or maybe just by accident," Beeville Police Chief Robert Bridge said.

Two people were arrested Tuesday afternoon after police executed a search warrant on the 1500 block of North Avenue E in Beeville.

"This residence has come onto our radar in the last two weeks," Bridge said.

Helen Cantu, 31, and Trey Worley, 27, were arrested for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance — over four grams and under 200 grams — which is a first degree felony.

Bridge said they also recovered a semi-automatic handgun which resulted in additional weapon charges.

There was a 2-year-old child inside the residence, which led to a child endangerment charge since drugs were all over the home, Bridge said.

"The drugs that we seized were field tested and positive for methamphetamine," he said.

Police also seized marijuana that was in several packets and was being ready to be distributed. Bridge said there was also an 18-year-old that was identified and released as a family friend.

Bridge said what is concerning to him, is that the pills that were seized were multi-colored and had different emblems printed on them related to superheroes.

"They were small, they looked like either vitamins or maybe some sort of a SweeTart type of candy," he said.

Bridge said he immediately shared the picture of the pills on the Beeville PD Facebook page to warn parents.

He said he wants parents to keep their eyes open for these colorful pills during trick-or-treating.

"They could accidentally be given something like this and they could accidentally ingest not knowing exactly what it is, so parents should really be cautious especially during the Halloween time," he said.

Bridge said the amount of ecstasy seized was 16 grams. He said that is a significant amount for the Beeville area.

This story was originally published by Crystal Dominguez on KZTV.