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Police in Indiana issue warning after parents report pain pills, tack in Halloween candy

Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 01, 2019

SHARPSVILLE — Police are warning parents to carefully check their children's Halloween loot after receiving reports of pain pills and tacks in the candy.

The Sharpsville Fire Department posted the warning on Facebook on Halloween night after receiving a message from the concerned parent who found what appeared to be a "small bag of Prescription Pain Pills" inside their child's candy.

"It is very important that all child's bags are checked before any consumption," the department said.

They believe this was an isolated incident, but are still warning parents to keep a close eye on their children's Halloween candy.

In Crawfordsville, Indiana, police say a parent reported that their child's candy had been tampered with. The parent reported their child had been trick-or-treating in the West Main Street area.

One parent in Crawfordsville posted to social media that their child had received a Hershey's Kiss in their Halloween bucket that had a tack in it. It is unclear if there were any other reports of tampered candy in the city.

If you suspect any of the candy you received to have been tampered with, contact your local police department to make a report.

This story was originally published by Katie Cox on WRTV.