Police find puppy overdosed on heroin, locked in truck while owners were being arrested inside store

Posted at 10:42 AM, Feb 23, 2017

Police in Carrollton, Texas found a 4-month-old puppy suffocating inside a locked truck, and that puppy had overdosed on heroin.

The Chihuahua puppy got the heroin from his owners' stash, according to Inside Edition. He was left in the truck while the owners were inside a Home Depot, police said.

The owners, 46-year-old Thomas Romero and 38-year-old Nina Crawford were arrested — but for alleged price-tag switching inside the store. That's when police learned of the dog and its whereabouts.

The dog was found lying on the passenger side's floorboard, seemingly comatose, Carrollton Police Department spokeswoman Jolene DeVito told on Wednesday.

Fox News reports police renamed the puppy "Lucky." He is getting better. Legally, he could go back to the owners, but he won't if they don't retrieve him within 10 days.
Lucky will then go up for adoption.
Romero and Crawford were also charged with heroin possession. Police may also add animal abuse charges, Fox News said.