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Police confirm ‘ghost gun’ used in Arizona high school shooting

Cesar Chavez high school
Posted at 3:46 PM, Dec 01, 2021

PHOENIX — The debate over so-called "ghost guns" has made national news. One of those weapons has found its way onto the campus of Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix.

Law enforcement considers these homemade weapons a threat due to them being untraceable.

Ghost guns are firearms assembled from homemade kits and aimed at staying off the law enforcement’s radar.

"This would be a do-it-yourself with a receiver that has no serial number," said AJI Sporting Goods owner Jeff Serdy.

Serdy must turn away someone who tries to sell him a ghost gun.

Phoenix police tell KNXV the same type of gun was used in Cesar Chavez High School shooting on Monday.

"It is a gun that people can build. They can order the parts off the internet. There are different ways they can obtain those,” said Phoenix police Sgt. Ann Justus.

Parent Ana Murillo questioned her child's safety after learning of the shooting inside one of the school’s bathrooms.

"I just thought, 'how could something like this happen on campus?' It's just really unfortunate,” said Murillo.

The Phoenix Union High School District increased security at the school Tuesday.

Some in the community are asking whether the district would reinstate school resource officers.

"This one incident would not make us re-think where we stand today with school resource officers. That's in part for a few reasons," said Dr. Chad Gestson, superintendent for the Phoenix Union High School District.

The Phoenix Union's superintendent, citing a study, insists things like fencing, cameras, policies, and procedures help ensure safety, and law enforcement is only a small part.

"We like to remind schools and communities, very proudly, we are a system of schools. We are not an airport. We are not a prison,” added Dr. Gestson.

It's still unclear how the weapon was brought onto school property.

The high school does not have any metal detectors.

Venton Blandin at KNXV first reported this story.