Florida man goes door-to-door to help residents ahead of Irma

Posted at 1:11 PM, Sep 09, 2017

Residents of a mobile home park in suburban West Palm Beach, Florida received a gracious helping hand from a man going door-to-door to make sure everyone was safe before Irma strikes Florida.

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Neighbors at the Oak-Land Park Mobile Home Park said they were reassured by recent forecasts, which have the eye of the storm moving along the west coast, but they didn't want to be complacent.

One resident, who had been busy all week helping others, was receiving special praise from everyone in the neighborhood.

A man named Ty, who is an electrician and handyman, was busy lending a helping hand to anyone in need.

“If you don’t do it, nobody else will,” said Ty.  “Somebody’s got to do it, somebody’s gotta help everybody out. That’s what we’re all about, right? That’s what I live by.”

Ty said despite having his own family to care for, he was finding time to help others.

“Some people don’t have help, so you got to be the help,” said Ty.

WPTV was lucky to get a chance to interview Ty for a few minutes because he was busy most of the morning on a mission to help everyone that he could.