Oreo will give you $50K if you can guess its new ‘mystery' flavor

Anyone who can figure out Oreo's limited edition mystery flavor could be eligible for a chance to win $50,000.

"There’s a delicious cookie creation on the loose, and we need your help guessing the flavor," the promotion reads.

Anyone who can solve the case of the Oreo mystery flavor by guessing correctly through November 30 will be considered for the grand prize.

Five $10,000 prizes are also being offered.

You're only allowed one guess each day during the sweepstakes period.

You can enter by making a purchase of the Mystery Oreo product and taste the cookie. Then, visit www.OREOmystery.com to submit a guess. Or you can mail in your guess without making a purchase. Click here for the official rules.

Visit www.OREOmystery.com for more details.

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