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Ohio State suspends 37 fraternities amidst investigations of hazing and alcohol use

Posted at 5:58 PM, Nov 16, 2017

Ohio State University has suspended all social, recruitment and new member activity for all 37 of its fraternities.

The university has been investigating 11 of the 37 chapters since the beginning of the school year for cases of hazing and alcohol.

In an email sent out to the Interfraternity Council presidents, the Senior Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Ryan Lovell, said the number of investigations is "unacceptably high." He also said, "the university will not tolerate behavior that puts the health and safety of students at risk."

Then, in bold letter, Lovell announces the suspension, in effect until further notice.

The following is an excerpt from Ryan Lovell's email:

"This proactive step is being taken so that the IFC community takes a pause to reflect and create individual, actionable strategies for the future. Our expectation is that each chapter will develop a plan and implementation timeline to ensure that the culture of their organization is aligned with the stated values of Ohio State’s Greek community, responsibilities outlined in the university’s Code of Student Conduct and expectations of their respective national or international organization. As always, we will make the resources of our Sorority and Fraternity Life team available to support you as you complete this important work. Additionally, we are planning forums to further support and engage in proactive dialogue with you."

While the fraternities are suspended, OSU chapters will be allowed to request participation in "essential activities only." Lovell defines these as standing chapter/executive board meetings and/or long standing philanthropic events.

"Social activities of any kind are not essential activities, nor are they activities that include alcohol," Lovell wrote.

Chapters are required to provide a list of essential activities through January 7, 2018.