Man convicted of spiking wife's coffee gets 60 days in jail

Posted at 11:43 AM, Aug 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-03 11:43:45-04

A Michigan man was sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail for poisoning hie ex-wife's coffee on Thursday, outraging prosecutors who called for a harsher penalty.

Brian Kozlowski, 46, of Macomb County, Michigan, routinely placed sleeping pills in his wife's coffee throughout July 2018 after she filed for divorce, prosecutors said.

He pleaded no contest to charges of poisoning a drink in June.

His now ex-wife, Therese Kozlowski, said she found out about the poisoning after she began to feeling sick. She believes he did it in an effort to kill her.

Eventually she hid cameras in the kitchen that caught her then-husband placing the pills in her coffee on multiple occasions.

"He put eight sleeping pills into that coffee pot every single day for weeks. An adult dosage according to the packaging is one. I was being hunted by a dangerous predator, but in this nightmare the predator was Brian," Therese Kozlowski told the court Thursday. “I believe this was attempted murder. Once Brian realized he lost me and there was no getting me to stay in this unhealthy marriage, his goal was to eliminate me.”

Prosecutors called the 60-day sentence "a slap in the face” and said they're planning to appeal the decision.

"You shouldn't be able to commit at 15 year-felony by poisoning someone and only have to serve weekends," Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said. "It's unbelievable to me."