Fla. teen accused of impersonating doctor speaks

Posted at 1:20 PM, Feb 18, 2016

Malachi Love-Robinson says he never wrote prescriptions or performed operations and admits he's not a medical doctor.

"This was me simply trying to do something for the community in a light that I saw that was needed and honestly if you ask me people are getting tired of hearing that they have to take a script just to feel better," said Love-Robinson in a one-on-one interview.

The 18-year-old said his practice, New Birth New Life Medical Center, was meant to offer a holistic medicine alternative for people, but police said Love-Robinson was practicing medicine illegally. 

"I would say conversations were had. There's a fine line between medical advice and a conversation," added Love-Robinson. 

Accusations against Love-Robinson claim he did more than just give advice. Police said he performed a physical exam on an undercover agent.

A woman in Florida has pressed charges against him. She allegedly believed Love-Robinson was an actual doctor, claiming he visited her home and diagnosed her with arthritis. She told police she was missing checks and learned from her bank they were forged and cashed by Love-Robinson. 

"When it comes to that instance, like I say, allegations and once again allegations, allegations," Love-Robinson added.

The teen says he wants people to see his practice as legitimate, but the staff listed on New Birth New Life Medical Center's website doesn't show anyone actually has a medical degree. However, police reports say Love-Robinson was practicing medicine without a license. 

"I will say that I’m not pleading guilty because my attorneys will handle that, but what I will say is that the practice is a separate entity from any personal matters," said Love-Robinson.

Love-Robinson would not reveal where he got his alleged PhD degree. There is no record with the local school district of him obtaining his high school diploma. He would not answer questions about where he received any other degrees or certificates he claims to have. 

The teen admitted this is not the first time he is defending himself against allegations of pretending to be a doctor. He says he was the teen accused of pretending to be a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center last year. He did not answer specific questions about that incident.