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'Let's Go Brandon' replaces vulgar insult against President Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Posted at 11:12 AM, Oct 30, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — Critics of President Joe Biden have not held back when it comes to chants against the chief executive. Many stadiums have had thousands of fans chant an expletive filled chant of "**** Joe Biden."

But, a more cryptic phrase is now being heard at rallies and gatherings protesting the president, "Let's Go Brandon."

The phrase took off after a reporter at a NASCAR race in early October mischaracterized the "**** Joe Biden" chant against as a chant in support of driver Brandon Brown during a post-race interview.

Now, Republicans of all stripes — even in Congress — are saying “Let's Go, Brandon” when they want to insult the president without hurling obscenities. The phrase has been popping up on the House floor, on T-shirts and on signs when the president travels outside Washington.

Former President Donald Trump has cashed in on the phrase as well. His PAC sells a $45 T-Shirt featuring "Let's go Brandon" above an American flag. Other right-wing outlets and conservative media figures are also jumping to use the phrase.