Kellogg eatery will feature Pop-Tarts pizza, tacos

Kellogg eatery will feature Pop-Tarts pizza, tacos
Posted at 2:22 AM, Feb 22, 2017
Ever feel like Pop-Tarts are becoming a little too “been there, done that”?
Kellogg is switching things up in its New York eatery to give customers a taste of something a little different. The company is temporarily transforming its diner into a Pop-Tarts Café.
According to CBS News, some of the unique menu items include a personal Pop-Tart pizza, chili Pop-Tart fries, and tarty tacos and burritos.
Visitors can top the meal off with dessert, sampling Pop-Tarts-based creations like milkshakes and cheesecake.
The bad news is, unless you’re going to be in New York City sometime this weekend, you’ll have to use your imagination on what the items taste like– the pop-up café is only open through Sunday.