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Johns Hopkins cancer patient stars in celebrity filled in music video

Posted at 2:10 PM, Oct 15, 2018

BALTIMORE - Chyler Leigh may be known for her role in Supergirl, but on Saturday she had the opportunity to meet real-life superheroes in Baltimore. 

The former Grey's Anatomy actress teamed up with her husband, Nathan West, and the organization Singing for Superheroes to help raise money for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Leigh and West are in a band, East of Eli, and on Saturday they filmed a music video with cancer patient Ashley Hackman. 

“This is an opportunity to bring some joy, some brightness, some light, in a place where obviously it’s great to get a little extra sunshine I’m sure," said Leigh.

Singing for Superheroes was started by Steven Battey and Alix Petersen in 2016, and it uses music to empower children with illness and disabilities. They have made multiple music videos with cancer patients across the country to raise money, awareness, and spread their message of empowerment. 

“It’s amazing though because we are parents, we have three kids of our own, and that was a huge reason to do this when it came about. To have an opportunity to work on this, it was a no-brainer, we had to do this because it was that important to us. You know to lend that hand, give some love, spread some love,” explained West. 

And soon after arriving at the hospital, West and Leigh learned they wouldn't be the only ones spreading love and hope. 

“What’s funny too is we come here to spread that love and give the gift that keeps on giving with the music, but at the same time these kids keep on blessing you over and over again. I’m going like, ‘Really? You are so happy and amazing and I want to just take you home, you know?’ It’s incredible,” West said. 

"Oh they are warriors. Oh my goodness, just to see the joy on their faces, and it’s just sometimes even the little things, but how strong these kids are it’s absolutely amazing. We just keep saying over and over again we are so honored to be a part of it,” added on Leigh. 

The song in the music video is titled "No giving up" and aims to spread the message that those touched by cancer are not alone and to keep pushing through. 

"We just want to encourage kids to never give up, or anyone going through what they are going through with cancer," said Battey who helped write the song. Battey is known for writing songs for artists like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Flo-Rida, Bruno Mars, and more. He lost his mother to cancer in 2004 and said he thought of her when writing this song. 

"We just wanted to encourage the kids that are going through it to keep on fighting, and we thought "No giving up" was the perfect title,” Battey continued to say. 

“The song really transcends. Yes, we are here with the kids and cancer and stuff, but it can go far beyond that. This song is really relatable in so many ways. We are not just speaking to the kids, but we are speaking to the families, to you, to anybody who needs a moment to remember, and some support and love to say hey, I’m going to keep going, keep moving forward, keep fighting,” explained West. 

East of Eli and Singing for Superhero's music video will be released on Tuesday and sponsors P&G and Giant Foods say they will donate $1 for every video view up to 10,000 views.

If you want to donate more money to the Johns Hopkins Children Center you can click here.