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Indianapolis officer rescues dog that was shot & left for dead; adopts him

Posted at 4:09 PM, May 10, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- An abused dog that was shot and left for dead has a new lease on life after an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer and his wife, a paramedic with the Wayne Township Fire Department decided to step in and help. 

Officer Tim Elliott was on patrol when he came across the dog that had been shot in the face and doused in bleach. 

Wayne Township Fire Department Captain Mike Pruitt says Officer Elliott and his fellow officers rushed in to help and took the pup to the emergency vet to try and save him. 

"Still alive and wagging his tail, Tim and Tiffany couldn't let this little guy perish at the hands of a savage criminal owner," said Pruitt. 

Pruitt says the couple fell in love with the pup and decided to save him. 

The pup, who's been lovingly nicknamed "Winks,"  will need surgery to have his eye removed as well as other medical treatments from the damage his previous owner had done, 

The Elliott family is raising money to try to help cover those costs which are expected to exceed $2,500. 

"Winks now has a forever home full of love and a "brother" (Gauge) to help him through this," said Captain Pruitt. "Please help us help Tim and Tiffany in their journey to give Winks a happy home!"