Idaho company debuts solar sidewalks

Idaho company debuts solar sidewalks
Posted at 3:12 PM, Oct 16, 2016
SANDPOINT, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho company wants to transform thousands of miles of pavement into a new energy source.
Solar Roadways recently unveiled its first public installation in a downtown plaza in the resort town of Sandpoint: 150 square feet of hexagon-shaped solar panels that people can walk and bicycle on.
Solar Roadways has a U.S. patent for its solar pavers and is the only company receiving federal highway research funds in pursuit of such a product.
The company has received three grants from the Federal Highway Administration to help move the technology from the drawing board to the public installation. Now it's working on proof that the tempered glass panels are strong enough and have enough traction to handle motor vehicles, including semitrailers.
The business also is developing plans to charge electric vehicles as they drive on solar roads.