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Georgia woman claims her home was looted of family heirlooms, TVs and more by Airbnb guests

Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 30, 2019

A Georgia woman said her Airbnb guests stole multiple TVs and family heirlooms after renting out her home through the popular online service.

"They took silverware that's priceless, that came from my grandfather and my mother," Wendolyn Warren of Jonesboro told local ABC News affiliate WSB-TV of Atlanta.

A family had booked a week-long stay at her home. When she returned, mirrors, TVs and even family heirlooms stored in a locked room were all missing, according to Warren. A total of 28 items are missing after the family's stay, she said.

"I hope I can get my heirlooms back," Warren told the station. "I can buy a TV, but I need my heirlooms back. I can't buy that."

Footage from Warren's doorbell camera depicts someone trying to block the viewfinder while a second person loads items into a car.

Warren told WSB-TV that children also stayed in her home while she was gone, and the guests left behind homework and toys.

Sgt. Cherie West of the Clayton County Police Department confirmed to ABC News that a theft or burglary had occurred and an investigation is underway.

“We are appalled by the reported behavior and are quickly working with the host to initiate a claim through our $1 Million Host Guarantee. We’ve removed the booking guest from our community and stand ready to support Clayton County police in their investigation," Airbnb told ABC News in a statement. "With nearly two million guests checking in to Airbnb listings every night, negative incidents are incredibly rare."

Airbnb's website states that all guests are required to "provide their full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, and payment information to Airbnb before booking. Home hosts also have the option to require guests to provide Airbnb with a government ID before booking their listing."

"We offer things like rebooking assistance, refunds, reimbursements, our $1 million Host Guarantee, and insurance programs for home and experience hosts to help make things right," the site adds.