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Florida six-year-old buys himself $500 in toys from grandpa's Amazon account

Posted at 10:33 PM, Dec 08, 2017

A 6-year-old bought nearly $500 worth of toys from his grandfather's Amazon account.

Frank Guiliano got some deliveries he wasn't expecting at his restaurant, Teriyaki Madness, in Cape Coral.

"One day a big package came, it was this (toy) car and couldn't imagine where it came from," Guiliano said. "I thought maybe my wife had bought it for my grandson for Christmas and sent it here by accident," he added.

But it was all his grandson. Jacob got a little bored playing games on his mother's iPad, then turned to Amazon where he saw a big yellow toy car priced at $374 that had his name all over it.

"That's the only power wheels I could find on Amazon," Jacob said. 

The bright yellow car wasn't the only purchase. He also ordered a race track for all his Hot Wheels back at home.

Jacob's grandfather wasn't angry. Actually, he was a little impressed with his grandson's craftiness.

"We're actually kind of proud of him a little bit," said Guiliano. "At the same time, he can't have the car. You have to work for it," he added.

Guiliano say he is raffling away his grandson's purchase.

"We had to sit him down, the look on his face was priceless when he found out he wasn't getting the car," said Guiliano. "He's the one who is going to pull the name out of the bucket. It's going to make another kid happy and he learns a lesson not to do it anymore," he added.

Teriyaki Madness's raffle ends Dec. 17. First place gets the car, and second place gets the race track.