Some voters in Polk County met with long lines on Election Day

Posted at 3:35 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 19:20:03-05

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Mount Tabor Baptist Church in Lakeland is one of the busier polling places in Polk County. The energy was high, as voters waited to cast their ballot.

The line at Mount Tabor Baptist Church was long, but voters said it was moving quickly.

People waited about 30 minutes in line to cast their ballot at the church. Voters tell ABC Action News, they don’t ever remember waiting in line at Mount Tabor Baptist Church, in previous elections.

They said, there are plenty of poll workers inside the church and the process was quick and easy.

“Probably double the amount of people as a normal election, so it went very fast, we’re very pleased. 30 minutes and we were in and out,” said David Brice.

Despite the record-breaking number of people that voted early this election, one voter said she feels more confident voting on Election Day.

“To just send it in for somebody else, and take a risk that it either get lost in the mail or it not be calculated and validated was a big issue for us,” said Debbie Brice.

Many voters said it’s the issues on the ballot that brought them to the polls today.

“I don’t agree with it being raised $15. There’s some of us with degrees that aren’t making $15, that aren’t doing minimum wage work,” said Brianna Bobbitt.

“We pay taxes now but certain people want to raise taxes, and certain people want to cut them. I guess there’s good and bad on both sides of that,” Phillip Murphey added.

A high-ranking issue for voters in Polk County is the economy.

“I'm more concerned about the economy than anything because I just graduated from college with a bachelor's degree and I would like to be able to work in the healthcare field and not have issues,” said R.B.

Over at the Coleman-Bush Building in Lakeland, everything ran smoothly. Cooler temperatures did not deter, voters from making their way to the polls early this morning.

“This is one of the most important elections of our country. I really feel that everybody needs to come out and vote,” Stanley Courchaine said.

About 15 people were in line right when the doors opened. Many voters there said their top issues are health care and social justice.

"That’s very important, Coronavirus is, but I think the lack of diversification. As Blacks, we don't feel included within the system," said Eleine Young.

So far, no issues have been reported at any of the 26 polling sites in Polk County.