'Play for the Vote:' Musicians organize to perform at polling locations on Election Day

Posted at 5:28 AM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 05:28:37-04

Musicians across the country are signing up to perform at polling locations on Election Day to make the experience more positive, and hopefully, increase voter turnout.

"Play for the Vote" was started by Boston cellist Mike Block.

Election 2020 Getting out the Vote
This Oct. 5, 2020, still image from video provided by Mike Block shows Block at his home in Somerville, Mass. The cellist organized "Play for the Vote," a nationwide, nonpartisan effort being produced by the Boston-based music collective Silkroad to get fellow musicians to serenade voters at polling places through Election Day. In the best of times, it’s a massive logistical challenge to get millions out to vote. In 2020, the difficulty has been dramatically compounded: by fear of the coronavirus, by complications and confusion over mail-in ballots, by palpable anxiety over the bitter divisions in the country. (Mike Block via AP)

In a Youtube video, Blocks say it's a chance for musicians to use their talents in a tangible way and get people out to the polls.

When you sign up to perform, you will be asked about your location and time availability. PFTV will use custom software to match each musician with a location and time to maximum coverage.

The deadline to sign up is November 1. Click here for more information.