Intoxicated Arizona dad passes out while pushing daughter in stroller

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Witnesses called police after seeing an apparently intoxicated Arizona man pushing his daughter in a stroller.

Court records show that on August 16, just after midnight, witnesses saw a man who appeared to be intoxicated pushing a stroller with a young child in it. 

Police report that citizens first saw the man, later identified as 34-year-old Jason Nopah, passed out on the sidewalk. They woke him up, and he walked away pushing a stroller with his 2-year-old daughter in it. 

Witnesses say he appeared to be intoxicated while pushing the stroller near a canal, so they contacted police. 

When police arrived, they found Nopah laying on the ground with the stroller nearly 60 feet away. Officers woke him, and Nopah allegedly told them that he was tired and had consumed alcohol. 

Police gave him a portable breath test which reportedly showed his B.A.C. at .280. The child was warm but otherwise healthy.

Nopah was arrested and charged with child abuse.