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Drones could soon deliver your food straight to your door

Posted at 3:05 PM, Oct 24, 2018

There are plenty of services available to get food delivered to your door. But Uber plans to take delivery to a new level by using drones.

The company reportedly plans to launch a food delivery service using drones by 2021.   

How soon could this happen? Futurist Thomas Frey says it’s coming whether we want it or not.   

"With all the emerging technology, we still have to work our way through the crappy stages before we get to the good stuff," says Frey.   

Delivering food to anyone anywhere is a challenge  

"Delivering something like food is a lot messier and a lot more time sensitive than delivering a product we're getting from Walmart or Amazon or something, says Frey.

"Part of the problem with drones is that we have to get the FAA to OK deliveries like this, and that is not a simple thing to do."   

And with the convenience, comes a price.  

"Eliminate a lot of human labor in doing something like this, so the reasons companies are pushing this so hard is it gives them a competitive advantage,” explains Frey. “It takes much of the labor costs out of this arrangement."  

Overall, the good side of technology usually outweighs the bad, Frey says.

"See, drones can be very dangerous. The same ones that deliver foods or products to your door step they can also deliver bombs or poison or spy on your kids,” Frey says. “We have to guard against abuses of this technology."  

Before this can happen, companies will be need to get a license and go through security training in order to get clearance.