DoorDash driver caught sipping milkshake before delivery

Posted at 12:26 PM, Mar 29, 2019

STOCKTON, Calif. -- Nasty! Gross! Ewww!

All words that come to mind after a DoorDash driver was caught on a home security camera taking a sip of a milkshake seconds before delivering it.

It happened to a family in California.

KTXL reports 14-year-old Rajesh Malhotra ordered a cookies and cream milkshake from Cold Stone for delivery.

"I felt really disgusted," Malhotra said during an interview.

The family didn’t see the video until the next day.

Of course, by that time, the milkshake has already been consumed.

The family said they have reached out to DoorDash multiple times, but have yet to hear back.