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Dish wants to pay someone $1,000 to watch 15 hours of 'The Office'

Posted at 8:54 PM, Mar 03, 2020

If watching television for long periods of time is a second talent, you may consider this offer— especially if you're an "Office" fan.

Satellite TV provider Dish is looking to pay one person $1,000 simply for watching 15 hours, or about 45 episodes, of the "The Office" in nine days. For comparison, there are 201 episodes of the hit NBC show.

As the winning "worker" is watching, they'll have to complete a checklist that tallies the number of common tropes that occur in each episode. For instance, they'll record how many times Stanley rolls his eyes or how many times Michael makes a joke that is met with zero laughs.

The goal is to help Dish understand how often sitcoms repeat popular tropes throughout their shows.

The company also wants the temporary employee to share their reactions and opinions on social media to gain a deeper understanding.

The winner of the gig will get $1,000 for their troubles, some "Office" swag, and a Netflix gift card — in case they want to finish out the series.

To apply, just head here to submit your application.

This article was written by Mark Saunders for KGTV .