Sinkhole swallows 2 homes, continues to grow in Florida neighborhood as houses are evacuated

Posted at 8:04 AM, Jul 14, 2017

A large sinkhole swallowed two homes and continues to grow in a neighborhood in Land O' Lakes on Friday morning. Surrounding homes were evacuated as a safety precaution. 

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says the sinkhole, first reported as a depression, started out as the size of a small pool and a boat on the property was falling into the hole at approximately 7:36 a.m.

Officials have confirmed the sinkhole is approximately 200 feet wide and approximately 50 feet deep. There is a 200 foot perimeter around the hole. The perimeter may be expanded if the sinkhole continues to progress. 

Officials say there is concern that the sinkhole could merge into a nearby lake. Officials are monitoring the progression of the sinkhole and keeping residents out of the area. 

PHOTO GALLERY | Sinkhole swallows two homes in Pasco County


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As of 8:23 a.m., the sinkhole expanded and reached the roadway. At least 11 surrounding homes were evacuated.



Pasco County Fire Rescue provided a video of the first home collapsing into the sinkhole. Watch the video below: 




Shortly after Tampa-based WFTS arrived on scene, the second home collapsed into the sinkhole. Watch the video below: 




Duke Energy has cut power in the area as a safety precaution, leaving 100 homes without power. No injuries have been reported. 

Pasco County officials are tagging nearby homes where they have not been able to make contact with occupants. 

Roads in the area have been closed and the Pasco County Sheriff's Office has set up checkpoints, allowing only residents in with proof of address at Cloverleaf and Pine, Grove and Pine, Lake Padgett Drive and Ocean Pines Drive. 

The sinkhole is located at 21835 Ocean Pines Drive in Land O' Lakes. WFTS has confirmed the home was a remediated home. According to the listing on Zillow, the property was a "repaired sinkhole" home. 

According to Pasco County Fire Rescue, one home is a complete loss and the second home is a 60 percent loss. As of 10:03 a.m. officials considered the sinkhole still active. 

Pasco Emergency Management, Pasco Fire Rescue, Duke Energy, Pasco Building Inspector and Pasco County PIO have responded to the scene.