Debunking electric vehicle myths

GM unveils Cadillac's first ever all-electric vehicle
Posted at 11:32 AM, Apr 01, 2022
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It's no secret that automakers are plugging into the world of electric vehicles and we've come a long way since the first electric vehicle.

"If you really look at the history of electric vehicles, they arrived long before this very moment," President Hooman Shahidi said.

Despite the buzz around electric vehicles, some may still have their wires crossed on the facts.

EVs all have the same range

One of the myths out there is that all electric vehicles have the same range. They certainly do not.

Electric range may have been limited in the past, but EV advancements are quickly moving into the future.

"There are vehicles out there with a hundred miles of range, there are vehicles out there with over 300 or lucid with over 500 miles of range," Shahidi said.

Whether you're strictly an inner-city driver or an avid road-tripper, Shahidi said "it's imperative that we understand what the vehicle that we're driving is used for."

Shahidi added that if you're considering an electric vehicle it's important to know your options.

EV model options are limited

"The variety of electric vehicles that are out there are quite abundant," said Shahidi

EV mileage range hasn't been the industry's only evolution and the range of EV models out there has also expanded.

"There are over a hundred models set to debut by 2024 from Mercedes to Toyota, to Ford to GM and many others."

Well-known automakers are getting creative with their plugin and even hybrid options.

"They come in all shapes and sizes and whats really critical is that people realize that cars are shifting,"

When it comes to battery-powered vehicles, car companies are leading the charge by connecting ev drivers to their charging network.

"Making it easier for everybody to be able to see where their charging stations are

We may have only known plug-in cars as toys back in the day and Shahidi said they still kind of are.

EVs have limited power

"I'm a car guy, but let me tell you something, the amount of torque in these electric vehicles, they're unbelievable,"

Once upon a time, bigger engines meant more get up and go but now "there's so much power behind these cars. You might not hear the engine roar but you'll definitely feel it.

The EV world is ever changing and Shahidi said the auto industry sees "a lot of value in electric vehicles, not just from a fun factor, but from sustainability and economic factor as well."