Elderly man tests positive for coronavirus in Florida Panhandle

Posted at 11:57 AM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-06 12:47:02-05

Another Florida resident tested presumptive positive for the coronavirus, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday morning.


During a press conference, DeSantis said the elderly man, who he believes is over the age of 70, is from Santa Rosa County.

The man, according to DeSantis, has severe underlying conditions and had been traveling internationally.

"He is not in shape to fully answer all the questions, so there is an investigation ongoing," DeSantis added.

Another Florida residents tests presumptive positive for coronavirus, DeSantis says


As of Friday afternoon, the man from Santa Rosa County and two other Florida residents have tested positive for coronavirus, according to the DOH. A California resident has also tested positive and is being isolated in the Sunshine State.

— Florida Dept. Health (@HealthyFla) March 6, 2020

Along with announcing the patient from the Florida Panhandle, DeSantis also said five other Florida residents have tested positive for coronavirus and are being quarantined.

"We have since found out that there is a total of five Florida residents who had been traveling from China were quarantined per the Federal government [and] have tested positive," DeSantis said. "Now they are not going to be released from quarantine until they test negative, so we don't anticipate that having any impact on people actually living in Florida. "

DeSantis did not state where the five residents are being quarantined at.

Two cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, have been confirmed in Florida.

The governor says Florida's risk level for coronavirus is still low.

Gov. DeSantis says Florida's risk level for coronavirus still low